The Coorparoo Restaurants Locals Frequent

Are you looking for a suburb that hosts the perfect balance between work and play? Coorparoo offers the option to come home after a busy day and head down to one of Coorparoo’s restaurant options for dinner, which are now known as some of the best in Brisbane.

The suburb is home to an endless list of lifestyle options including, cafes, bars, restaurants and other amenities like Dendy cinemas and The Coorparoo Bowls Club. However, the Coorparoo restaurant scene has been improved over the past few years with new places popping up left right and centre, which have taken locals and foodies of Brisbane by a storm.

Factory 51

51 Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo

Factory 51 is nestled in a prime spot in Coorparoo and oozes suburb history and charm. Once an old factory (hence the name) and now restored into a restaurant, bar and function venue, original elements like the exposed red brick still stand, giving it a rustic and homely vibe, which fits in perfectly with the feel of Coorparoo itself.  

The fairy lit laneway bistro offers delicious share plates and casual lunches, as well as authentic chargrilled pizzas. Locals have loved watching this place evolve over the years and now enjoy heading to Factory 51 for a quiet drink and bite to eat after a long week or day at work.  

It has become one Coorparoo restaurant locals are proud to call their own and named one of the best in the suburb.  

Photo Credit: Factory 51

California Native 

Corner of Chatsworth and Evan Street, Coorparoo

California Native is an original on the Coorparoo restaurant scene and has been loved by locals over the years it has been opened.  It’s atmospheric, casual vibe combined with a delicious array of specialty cocktails and food filled with flavours of the Californian and Mexican cuisine is what makes it such a popular dining spot for locals.

As well as being home to live musical entertainment, California Native has become a go-to spot for a fun-filled dining experience full of culture.

Saffron Indian Gourmet 

Coorparoo Square

This Coorparoo restaurant is a newbie to the foodie scene in the suburb. Saffron Indian Gourmet is serving locals an aromatic selection of Indian food. The plush seating and floor to ceiling windows mixed with the rich smell of delicious Indian spices create an inviting atmosphere. 

The menu has a selection of classic Indian dishes, however, they are to be praised for their adventurous and creative options as well, including; cumin-marinated fish, chicken Chettinad, and lamb cutlets marinated with cheese.

After only being opened for a short period of time, locals have already claimed Saffron as one of their favourite Indian restaurants in the area – not only for its authentic and tasty food, but for its location, style, and an array of drink options as well.

Photo Credit: Saffron Indian Gourmet

Special Rub 

Coorparoo Square

If you’re into a more indulgent, Smokey barbeque style meal Special Rub is the Coorparoo restaurant that you must try.  Specialising in Southern smoked barbeque dishes means this place is not fit for vegetarians, with meat being the hero of each dish. Slow cooked brisket, beef ribs (so well-cooked they are almost falling off the bone), crispy fried chicken and a selection of scrumptious and juicy burgers.

You will be able to wash down your meal with a drink as Special Rub offers an array of drinks encouraging locals to come in for a while and enjoy the atmosphere and smell of smoked goods.  

Coorparoo offers locals an abundance of lifestyle options, especially amongst the foodie scene. The suburb is a hub for families without sacrificing some fun for the adult community with its night-life reputation building.


What time of Year does the auction process work best?

With Spring well underway, will the auction process become a popular choice amongst sellers this season? 

The auction process can have a positive impact on the outcome of your sale at any time of the year. However, according to Camp Hill expert and Director of Place Coorparoo, Andrew Bradley, auctions in spring seem to have a higher success rate, especially in inner-city and high demand suburbs like Camp Hill. 

“With spring being a busy period for the property market, homes will be more likely to sell under the hammer,” says Mr Bradley. 

Wondering why is this the case? There are two main reasons. 


Competitive Buyers 

When buyers are competitive it is more likely that your home will sell at a higher price. Throughout the months of Spring the market is strong, meaning more and more buyers are looking to secure a piece of real estate and will go to greater lengths to secure a home. 

“In a hot market, competition between buyers rise. The more competition throughout the market, the more in demand your home will be,” Mr Bradley tells us. 

“With Camp Hill already being a very in-demand suburb, the auction process can really benefit sellers in the area throughout this season, as the rivalry rises,” says Mr Bradley. 


Higher Volume of Buyers 

Sellers will experience a higher number of buyers attending open homes throughout the warmer months, which is why Spring seems to be the best time of year to sell. Andrew believes this is also the case when it comes to buyers attending auctions, making the auction process for sellers potentially better than a private sale. 

“Warmer weather usually attracts more buyers onto the streets, meaning more people are likely to attend auctions throughout the Spring selling season. With Camp Hill being a suburb with plenty of outdoor activities to tend to, people will be out and about during the months of Spring, making attending auctions less of an effort and an easier way to secure a property.” 

“Along with the festive season around the corner, buyers are determined to be settled into their homes in time for Christmas and the New Year. The auction process makes this a simple way for them to secure their piece of real estate,” says Andrew. 


There are also many other benefits of going to auction all year round. These include; disclosed sale price, vendors are protected by the reserve price, the terms are decided before the auction and it is known for homes to sell prior to auctions with buyers fearing to be out-bid on the day. 

“Throughout my time as a Real Estate Agent, I have seen that auctions can draw more urgency to the sale of a property. In areas like Camp Hill we have seen homes sell under the hammer for prices well above the reserve and I’m certain we will continue to see these results over the next few months,” says Andrew. 

The weather isn’t the only thing we will see heating up this September and if you’re interested in getting your property on the market in time for peak selling and auction season, get in contact with Andrew here.


What to Know Before you Build your own House

Making the decision to build your own house is daunting yet exciting and proper planning is key to ensuring this process is successful for you.

When constructing your own home, you’ll need expert assistance, yet the most important part of the process is the planning before any physical work begins.

Expert assistance when planning your build is crucial. We caught up with Steve Keim, owner and builder at SLK Constructions, on what to know before deciding to build your own house.

Establish a budget

If you decide to build your own house, you’ll need to balance your dreams with your budget. Although you may have an idea of what you want, ensuring your budget allows this dream is important.

“Know what your budget is before you even start looking to build a new home,” says Steve.

Steve suggests engaging with a loan specialist and gaining an understanding of what you can actually afford before beginning the process. Without a clear budget and the correct financial help and guidance, you won’t be able to move onto the next step.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.07.30 am

Photo Credit: SLK Constructions

Finding the right land

Steve suggests that while people typically have an idea of where they want to live and the kind of house they’d like to build, there’s a better way of approaching it.

“Finding the right block of land before deciding what kind of home you’d like to build is essential, especially when it comes to budget. Irregular or sloping blocks can add to the cost of building. Often, knocking down an existing house can be a cost effective way to secure the perfect block of land to build your own house,” says Steve.

Steve tells us it’s important to check for easements from the council before deciding on a block of land, including positioning of sewers, stormwater and overland flow. These elements can affect the positioning of your floor plan and new home if this has already been determined.

Another factor to consider is the surrounding homes. Your dream home won’t be perfect if it doesn’t suit the surrounding neighbourhood.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.05.54 am

Photo Credit: SLK Constructions

Project builder vs custom builder

When comparing the choice of a project or custom builder, there’s a few things to consider. Firstly, a project builder will use a pre-designed build whereas a custom builder will create a home to suit your ideas specifically.

According to Steve, getting a fixed price quote that includes the site works and foundations or slab is essential. Establishing a relationship with your builder will determine the success of your new home.

“A custom builder will be able to cater better for you block, design and inclusions. You should never let price be the deciding factor when making the decision to build your own house,” says Steve.

“Over the 16 to 24 weeks of a typical build, your builders are building the home you and your family could potentially live in for the next 16 to 24 years. Therefore, it’s important to find the right builder to ensure your home will suit you and your families wants and needs.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.07.08 am

Photo Credit: SLK Constructions

Using a custom builder means your home won’t be the same as typical off the plan builds. If you’re deciding to build your own house to sell as an investment, a custom build will be what makes your house different to others. This means you will have a higher chance of selling the home at a better price and at a faster pace.

If you’re currently in the process of building your own house and would like some expert real estate advice to get the best out of your investment, you can find Andrew’s contact details here.


Coorparoo | Top 5 Sunday Brunch Hotspots

What better way to spend your Sunday morning then indulging in a delicious meal and hot cup of coffee?

In the midst of Coorparoo, we’ve created a list of our favourite cafes that has everything from big breakies, delicious coffee and every form of smashed avo you can dream of.

Flute Restaurant

4/380 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Locals of Coorparoo absolutely love the little gem that is, Flute Restaurant.

Their extravagant brunch menu has made a name for itself amongst the locals.

With options like their signature ‘big’ breakfasts or sweet, scrumptious berry pancakes – there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Flutes vibrant energetic atmosphere and delicious food is what draws locals in and it’s no wonder bookings are recommended for a Sunday Brunch.

Photo Credit: Flute Instagram


Little Sista Cafe

Shop 5, 148 Chatsworth Road, Coorparoo

Looking for a place you can take the whole family?

Tucked away in the suburban streets of Coorparoo, Little Sista Cafe is a funky little spot we know the family will enjoy.

With plenty of outdoor seating your fur babies are welcome to tag along too.

If you’re a sweet tooth, you must try the Fruity French Toast which is covered in choc-peanut sauce – you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond The Pale Bar

Coorparoo Square

Beyond the Pale Bar has made quite the impression on Coorparoo locals.

After recently opening in the Coorparoo Square precinct, this rustic setting is about more than just craft beer and has become a regular local hang out.

The unique atmosphere at Beyond The Pale makes it an extremely inviting Sunday brunch spot, especially if you’re a people watcher.

Their cafe menu serves up simple yet fulfilling dishes including, the classic avo on toast, banoffles (banana waffles, say what?!), a scrumptious big brekky and heaps more!

Cafeine Cafe

186 – 188 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Are you into kick starting your Sunday morning with some healthy goodness?

Cafeine Cafe has a long list of scrumptious vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options.

No matter your breakfast preference, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to their ever popular acai bowl.

With delicious food, coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect spot for your Sunday brunch.

Degani Cafe

Coorparoo Square

Welcome to the newest residents on the block, Degani Cafe.

Situated in the oh-so-popular Coorparoo Square, Degani has already made a name for itself amongst locals.

Their brunch menu is has to be tried! Originating from Melbourne, this place will be sure to impress bringing you a taste of the Melbourne foodie scene.

Being from the coffee capital of Australia, make sure you get your Sunday morning caffeine fix while you’re there as well, you wont be dissapointed.


Coorparoo | How the Bustling Coorparoo Square Has Changed the Suburb

Over the past year this bustling precinct has been open, we have seen Coorparoo Square add value to the suburb and its community. Now affectionately known as the heart of Coorparoo, Coorparoo Square has had a positive impact on the community, lifestyle and property demand in this popular inner-city suburb.

Showcasing brand new apartments, cinemas, restaurants, an Aldi, hairdressers, a barber and more – Coorparoo Square is now the hub of the area.

Photo Credit: Frasers Property

Coorparoo Square offers city living at it’s finest. With the convenience of a morning barista-made coffee on your way to work, to a night of fine dining or entertainment, locals believe this vibrant village has changed the sense of lifestyle in the suburb for the better.

Chanelle Killen, a young Coorparoo resident believes Coorparoo Square was exactly the face-lift this suburb needed.

“Coorparoo has always been a wonderful suburb, but this development has given people  even more of a reason to live here. It’s definitely added some nightlife to the area, which appeals to people of every age,” says Chanelle.

The sense of community has been uplifted since the opening of Coorparoo Square. It has become more than just a place to get the groceries or a place to eat food, but it a place where locals can meet, mingle and create memories in the comfort of their very own suburb.

Chanelle has found Coorparoo Square has become her usual meeting spot to see friends and family.

“It’s the perfect central hub for everything! I love going to catch up with friends for a coffee there or have dinner and see a movie with my partner at the cinemas. It’s so nice to walk through the centre and experience the atmosphere of everyone laughing and socialising.”

With the property demand in Coorparoo already at a high, could Coorparoo Square be a reason the suburb is becoming even more appealing to potential buyers?

Real Estate Agent and Coorparoo expert, Lachlan Brew, has noticed a positive impact on the property demand in the area since Coorparoo Square has been up and running.

“We have seen Coorparoo attracting a lot of young professional couples, looking for a location to raise a family that is still fairly close to the city. The recent Coorparoo square development provides a great space close to home, for a wide variety of activities. Whether it be families looking to catch a movie at the new Dendy cinemas or friends catching up for a Friday drink,” says Lachlan.  

“Coorparoo is quickly becoming an even more in demand suburb and developments like Coorparoo Square reshaping and bringing life to the area are a clear sign that Coorparoo is a suburb experiencing growth in many aspects, and will continue to do so in the years to come.”

The community, property demand and lifestyle of this bustling inner-city suburb have been positively impacted since the ribbon was cut for the opening of Coorparoo Square. With an ever-changing list of retailers, we are sure we will continue to see this positivity for years to come.


Coorparoo | Top 5 Places For Friday Arvo Drinks!

Picture this: it’s the end of the work week, you’re exhausted and in need of a drink or two but not to sure where to go and don’t want to go far from home. Coorparoo is only a hop, skip and jump away from the CBD, so it’s a perfect place to start your evening.

You’ll be grateful to know we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of our top five local picks in Coorparoo for an after work drink.

Beyond The Pale – Coorparoo Square

If you’re into all sorts of local craft beer, Beyond the Pale is the place for you!

The stylish drinking hole is one of Coorparoo Square’s latest residents and has made a lasting impression on locals who are loving the space for its relaxed vibe, great interiors and large array of drinks!

Photo Credit: Beyond The Pale Instagram

Factory 51 – 51 Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo

Factory 51 has a rich history in Coorparoo, with the original building acting as a factory (which inspired the name.) Luckily for Coorparoo residents, Factory 51 has paid homage to the stunning original brickwork interiors with a full restoration creating a stylish, homely setting for any post-work drink.

Locals are flocking to the space after work for a choice from their expansive wine list and menu after a long week at work. Factory 51 is an obvious pick for any Coorparoo resident or visitor.

Photo Credit: Factory 51 Instagram

Coorparoo Bowls Club – 32 Riddings St, Coorparoo

Those of you looking for a laid back Friday afternoon, go no further than Coorparoo Bowls Club. Enjoy casual drinks with friends, listen to live music and end the week with barefoot bowls.

A local delight sure to have you returning for weeks to come.

Barbacoa Mexican – Coorparoo Square

Fancy a well-deserved Margarita to end a busy week? Then Barbacoa Mexican is the spot for you.

Gaining a reputation for their tasty, authentic Mexican food suited perfectly with classic cocktails and fresh coronas, this newly-opened spot in Coorparoo Square is the perfect meet-up after work.

Try their tacos to ease your hunger, or pick something more adventurous from their menu.

Photo Credit: Barbacoa Mexican Instagram

Special Rub – Coorparoo Square

Guys – this is one for you! The ultimate beers and dinner spot is surely Special Rub, also in Coorparoo Square. Entering the unique space will greet you with the smell of slow-cooked meats and divine whiskeys designed to appeal to anyone needing a drink and dinner.

The variety of food on offer is impressive, in addition to the huge selection of beers on tap, American whiskey, cider, spirits and wines. There’s something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Special Rub BBQ Instagram


Coorparoo | Why do Professionals Call This Suburb Home?

Out of the 16,282 people that call Coorparoo home, 36% of them are working professionals. With this figure being much higher than the state average of 19.8%, it’s evident that Coorparoo is appealing to this particular demographic. This could be because of the suburb’s location and accessibility and the balance between a family friendly community vibe and a hustle and bustle lifestyle.

Ease of access to the CBD is crucial for professionals who commute into the city for work, no doubt a contributing factor when researching what suburb to call home.

Photo Credit: Pixaby

Coorparoo is located a short five kilometres away from Brisbane’s CBD, which is one of the main reasons a lot of working professionals are choosing to live here.

With multiple bus stations scattered throughout the suburb, access to the CBD via public transport is simple. According to translink, travelling on a bus takes an average of 24 minutes to get to the CBD from the heart of Coorparoo.

Jody Williams, a Coorparoo local who works full time in the CBD, says getting to and from the city is a breeze.

“Getting to work easily everyday is a necessity. There’s nothing worse than a long haul trip to get to the office. For me, someone who works a nine-to-five job in the city, Coorparoo was an obvious choice,” she says.

“Driving to work takes me around 15 minutes with good traffic and when needed, I can jump on a bus and be there in under 30 minutes. Its central location is really what drew me to the area.”

Coorparoo’s quiet neighbourly streets make the suburb even more appealing, especially to working professionals with a family.

Photo Credit: Realestate.com.au

“When my husband and I were first looking to purchase a home, we wanted a suburb that was not only close to the city but also family friendly. Coorparoo ticked both of these boxes for us. We feel as though it’s an extremely safe neighbourhood with a fantastic community vibe. There’s nothing better than coming home from the hustle and bustle of the city to a quiet, relaxing area,” Mrs Williams said.

Aside from it’s friendly family vibe, Coorparoo also provides a great lifestyle with cafes, restaurants and cinemas, ensuring plenty of activities and experiences in the area for any individual, couple or family residing in the area.

Photo Credit: Courier Mail

Mrs Williams says the balance between the hustle and bustle of Coorparoo plus it’s safe and quiet lifestyle is perfect for her as a working professional and her family.

“It’s nice to be able to pop down to Coorparoo Square to see a movie or enjoy a yummy dinner at Factory 51. On the weekends my husband and I like to take the kids to breakfast at one of the many cafes scattered throughout the suburb,” she said.

“After working in the city all week, it’s nice to be able to stay in Coorparoo in our spare time and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle that the suburb offers.”

Coorparoo is the perfect suburb for professionals to call home. For location, lifestyle and proximity to the city, the ‘must have’ boxes are easily ticked.

Mount Gravatt | The Impact Public Transport has on the Property Market

Brisbane’s desirable lifestyle and affordability has placed an expected population growth of 2.3% this year.

Traditionally, Brisbane is made up of two circles – the inner city and the outer city. Over time the inner city circle has expanded with suburbs that were once considered outer city now classified as inner city Brisbane.  

Despite being 10km from Brisbane’s CBD, Mount Gravatt is an example of a suburb that’s now considered inner city living. Due to this, there has been a dramatic rise in the suburbs property demand.

Real estate agent and Mount Gravatt expert, Ben Salm, says that by offering affordability, there has been a growing demand in the suburb for residential property.  

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in the Mount Gravatt area, particularly from first home buyers and young families,” says Ben.

“A reason for the interest is that homebuyers are still able to purchase renovated homes for a reasonable price along with the great features the suburb has to offer.”

“There’s also been a renewed interest from investors since the announcement of the Metro Rail and relaxation from lending institutions,” he says.  

Not only does Mount Gravatt have great facilities including, schools, Griffith University, recreational areas and entertainment precincts, but a huge attraction of the suburb is it’s accessible and convenient public transport facilities.

Already 16% of the Mount Gravatt population catch public transport to and from work, which is much higher than the state average of 7%.

Public transport can have influence on the decision making process when it comes to buying a home. Ben says that he believes the public transport facilities in Mount Gravatt are a contributing factor to the property demand.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“Being such a central location, the Mount Gravatt area is one of most accessible suburbs in Brisbane for public transport,” says Ben.

“The majority of homes are only a few minutes’ walk to a bus stop, and most routes travel through either the Garden City or Carindale bus terminal,

“What this means for residents is easy access to all parts of Brisbane, which is one of the key reasons buyers are choosing to move to the area.”

“This service is only going to be enhanced once the Brisbane Metro project is complete, and will allow even more high frequency services to Brisbane CBD,” he says.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Even though Mount Gravatt is 10km away from the CBD, there is easy, direct access to the city centre through busways. With multiple bus stops scattered across the suburb and two major bus stations, being Griffith University and Westfield Garden City, getting to the CBD is a breeze.

According to Translink, these busways and stops will take you from Mount Gravatt to Brisbane’s City Centre in approximately 18 minutes.


[VIDEO] Mount Gravatt | What are this Suburbs Highlights?

Known as one of Brisbane’s largest suburbs, Mount Gravatt is made up of Mount Gravatt itself, Mount Gravatt East and Upper Mount Gravatt.


Situated in Brisbane’s South East, it’s quirkiness, yet family orientated lifestyle, is what draws people to live their lives here.


So what’s so good about the lifestyle Mount Gravatt offers?


Watch the video to find out.


[VIDEO] Camp Hill | What are this Suburbs Highlights?

With hilly streets lined with a blend of modern builds and Queenslander homes, Camp Hill is full of character and rich in history.

This family orientated suburb has so much to offer with an array of amenities, lifestyle precincts and parklands.

Boasting a friendly community vibe, Camp Hill is a great place to raise children and it’s residence seem to think so, with 75% being families!

What do families love about this area? Watch the video to find out!