Coorparoo | How the Bustling Coorparoo Square Has Changed the Suburb

Over the past year this bustling precinct has been open, we have seen Coorparoo Square add value to the suburb and its community. Now affectionately known as the heart of Coorparoo, Coorparoo Square has had a positive impact on the community, lifestyle and property demand in this popular inner-city suburb.

Showcasing brand new apartments, cinemas, restaurants, an Aldi, hairdressers, a barber and more – Coorparoo Square is now the hub of the area.

Photo Credit: Frasers Property

Coorparoo Square offers city living at it’s finest. With the convenience of a morning barista-made coffee on your way to work, to a night of fine dining or entertainment, locals believe this vibrant village has changed the sense of lifestyle in the suburb for the better.

Chanelle Killen, a young Coorparoo resident believes Coorparoo Square was exactly the face-lift this suburb needed.

“Coorparoo has always been a wonderful suburb, but this development has given people  even more of a reason to live here. It’s definitely added some nightlife to the area, which appeals to people of every age,” says Chanelle.

The sense of community has been uplifted since the opening of Coorparoo Square. It has become more than just a place to get the groceries or a place to eat food, but it a place where locals can meet, mingle and create memories in the comfort of their very own suburb.

Chanelle has found Coorparoo Square has become her usual meeting spot to see friends and family.

“It’s the perfect central hub for everything! I love going to catch up with friends for a coffee there or have dinner and see a movie with my partner at the cinemas. It’s so nice to walk through the centre and experience the atmosphere of everyone laughing and socialising.”

With the property demand in Coorparoo already at a high, could Coorparoo Square be a reason the suburb is becoming even more appealing to potential buyers?

Real Estate Agent and Coorparoo expert, Lachlan Brew, has noticed a positive impact on the property demand in the area since Coorparoo Square has been up and running.

“We have seen Coorparoo attracting a lot of young professional couples, looking for a location to raise a family that is still fairly close to the city. The recent Coorparoo square development provides a great space close to home, for a wide variety of activities. Whether it be families looking to catch a movie at the new Dendy cinemas or friends catching up for a Friday drink,” says Lachlan.  

“Coorparoo is quickly becoming an even more in demand suburb and developments like Coorparoo Square reshaping and bringing life to the area are a clear sign that Coorparoo is a suburb experiencing growth in many aspects, and will continue to do so in the years to come.”

The community, property demand and lifestyle of this bustling inner-city suburb have been positively impacted since the ribbon was cut for the opening of Coorparoo Square. With an ever-changing list of retailers, we are sure we will continue to see this positivity for years to come.

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