The 4 Best Plants For your Bathroom

Plants are a great way to achieve an easy ‘wow-factor’ in your bathroom.

They add a natural element to the space along with an extra bit of colour and flare, however, it’s important to know which are the best plants for your bathroom, as not all plants can survive in this particular space.

The bathroom may not be the first room that comes to mind when considering getting indoor plants for your home, but your bathroom provides an ideal growing environment for specific plants. Here are five of the best plants for your bathroom.


If you want to add a tropical vibe to your bathroom, consider styling with an Orchid.  Known for their temperamental behaviour, Orchids are one of the best plants for your bathroom and can happily live there for months. They keep their gorgeous flowers for months at a time and can thrive in bathrooms due to complimentary damp, warm conditions a steamy bathroom produces.

Photo Credit: Katrina Lee Chambers

Snake Plant 

If you’re a serial plant killer, then the Snake Plant is the best plant for you and is also a great plant for your bathroom.

This particular species can tolerate various conditions. Surviving in situations with no light or bright/direct light, they also require little to no water. Keeping them in a Humid bathrooms minimises the need for direct watering, too. They are a low maintenance,  unique pop of greenery to your bathroom.

Photo Credit: Vintage Revivals

Weeping Fig

If your bathroom has the space to cater to a larger plant, the Weeping Fig will be perfect. This particular type of plant is a perfect plant for your bathroom because they enjoy humidity and bright light. In some cases cold drafts can cause Weeping Figs to lose their leaves but they are quick to recover.

Photo Credit: House Plant 411

Heart Leaf Philodendron

This little gems look fantastic hanging in baskets or planters,making them a perfect choice for small spaces like your bathroom. Heart Leaf Philodendrons are hard plants to kill, making them an excellent low-maintenance choice. The steam and mist from your shower will be a great watering session for your plant, ensuring no need for regular watering. This is by far one of the best plants for your bathroom.


Photo Credit: Design Sponge

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